Why GOLD ?


Markets are a complicated way to make profits, so we choose to trade Gold because it is the most stable Investment products in the last 15 years, it acts as a refuge when volatility shakes markets following geopolitical or economic events everywhere on the planet.


Military conflicts as in Syria, Russia, North Corea, etc, contribute to generate big moves that can't be controlled by markets at any moment, so this way, buying gold is extremely safe for Investors, obviously we are talking about REAL GOLD, physical gold, the one you can carry in your hand and place in safe vaults, not derivated products which are nothing but financial products highly speculative, that nobody will never be able to control.


We choose to focus on buying stocks from small to medium Mining Companies extracting the mineral at its source, to perform good results and smat investments we gather lots of informations regarding what was done by them in the last years or months.


We investigate in many young or mature Companies everyday, staying in touch with our consultants in each country, then we get reports from specialists about people, machines, Capital, loans, private funds available, investors map and Master components of each Company, then we collect the informations, and decide or not to place part of our capital to participate to efforts on ground.





Our Company owns a Master trading account to buy anywhere in the world and at any Stock Exchange dealing with Gold Companies. We especially target, Canada, Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, China, Russia at the moment...


Your funds are automatically invested in projects and Companies we notice, with high potential of development, sometimes we have huge surprise to see up to 15,000 % increased value of a Company, from a day to another ! Of course it happens around one time around a year, but clearly, instant 100 to 400 % growing is not so rare...Each time Companies just discover or get a new promising creek with tons of precious metal and value literrally explodes. This is why there's a great opportunity to make part of this, with our different Companies Capital Rental Programs.



Youtube feeds Courtesy of Newmont Mining & MetalBulletin TV



When you invest in our plans, you get the rental of partial amount of our total invested Capital in more than 100 Companies, it means you have the benefit of our 1 000 000 shares without buying it on the markets. Each Share is worth 1 USD at the moment, so 1 USD = 1 Share rental, correlated with each plan requirements in amount, time, and Interests.


As soon as we receive your paiement, it is automatically converted into a share rental as a part of the Capital we spend on Gold Physical Mining markets worldwide using our Professional Corporate Trading account at DE GIRO (www.degiro.co.uk), one of the best and affordable Financial broker at the moment.


With all of our plans you will receive profit every business day only (5 days a week), Minimum Guaranteed Profit: 0.25% / day, up to your plan conditions, depending on factors relevant to the markets.


Withdraw your profit instantly every day (or in 24 hours for some payment methods), Possibility to create multiple deposits as you want at the same time, Minimum Investment is $10 and each plan has its maximum (see home page). The more you invest, the more profit you will receive obviously, the Minimum Withdrawal Amount is only $0.10 and there is no fee for withdrawals.


At the end of your plan term, your profit is calculated as shown in plan conditions then released in your account promptly.


We will keep you posted in NEWS section of what's happen on the ground at anytime, celebrating new success, projects, new companies etc...Because we love to start a journey seeking profits and Gold, as Professional people are doing the same in Gold Mines...