About Us


Ingoldweinvest.com is a Trademark & branch of Omnitrading Group LTD, entity especially created to handle all GOLD activities, that were formerly detained by Adfim Group Limited UK since 2015.


We investigate all over the world to find contracts, partnerships in Financials products such as Investments in Gold Mines, Currency trading, derivated products like turbos, warrants and others.


The Company was Founded in 2015, with Consultants & traders in West Europe, Customers in the whole Europe, China, US & Canada, Africa.


It is important for us to play transparency with our Customers, as we plan to last years and not months, we think the most important is gathering full trust from our Investors, The gold Investment project was born 5 years ago by our leaders and our CEO, but technology was not able to carry so easily new kind of Financial Investments through the Internet. No it is done and we are here to make profits and share the most part with anyone.


We have dedicated a team of 3 traders to handle our Gold Mining Investments all around the world, using high skills for many years in precious metals, closely in relation with Ingoldweinvest administrators, to be able to offer interesting program with sustainable profits for our Investors.


On a single demand, you can have the entire list of Companies we have invested your Money in, because we deliver REAL long term INVESTMENTS and no ghost scheme where last entrered pay for first entered (Ponzi scheme well performed by Madoff in the USA a few years ago).


Markets are a complicated way to make profits, so we choose to trade Gold because it is the most stable Investment products in the last 10 years, it acts as a refuge when volatility shakes markets following geopolital or economic events on the planet.


Military conflicts as in Syria, Russia, North Corea contribute to generate big moves that can't be controlled by markets at any moment, so this way, buying gold is extremely safe for Investors, obviously we are talking abour REAL GOLD, physical gold, not derivated products which are nothing but financial products speculative that nobody will never be able to control.


Do not Hesitate to ask us anything you need by filling our form at the "contact" section, we are at your services and you will get an answer under 24 hours approximatively.


Omnitrading Group Limited  -  Registration Number : 10849104 - 71-75 Shelton Street   

- Covent Garden - London - WC2H 9JQ - United Kingdom